Overcoming 4 Ghastly Excuses for Delaying Estate Planning

Overcoming 4 Ghastly Excuses for Delaying Estate Planning

By: Solid Serenity Legal Solutions

All of us are constantly juggling. We have so many things to think and worry about- work, family life, hobbies, and kid’s activities to name a few. It’s wonder sometimes that anything gets done.

Our constant speed of go, go, go makes it difficult to sit and think about planning for who we trust to raise our children and how if something happens to us, who we want to manage our estates and help us if we can’t help ourselves, and how we want our assets split when we die.

The day-to-day struggles we deal with make it easy to forget the tasks that don’t seem so pressing. But, putting estate planning off can prove devastating to the ones we love the most.

Here are tactics for overcoming 4 ghastly excuses for delaying estate planning.

(1) I Don’t Have Anything

Do you have a banking account? Do you have any real estate that you own? If so, you need an estate plan. The reality is, almost all of us own something.

Your circumstances may not require the same planning tools as a wealthier person, but you need a plan too. If you don’t plan, your family will have to go to probate Court, and the Court will tell them who gets what.

And, those rules don’t usually go like you might think. For instance, a spouse isn’t always entitled to all of the assets when the other dies. And, a live-in boyfriend or girlfriend can be left with nothing when they lose their partner, without the right plan.

(2) Hiring an Attorney is Expensive

Getting the right plan in place does costs money. But, more often than not, a proper plan that avoids probate costs less than it would cost your family to pay to go to Court to transfer your assets.

It costs nothing to call around and talk to some attorneys to see what you may need to reach your goals. Call us now to get started.

(3) I Don’t Care What Happens to My Things, I Can’t Take Them With Me

Estate planning isn’t only about what happens to your things after you die. The right estate plan helps you name someone to stand in for you if you get sick or get in an accident and are unable to handle matters on your own.

Also, the right plan will save you and your family money and heartache in the long run. Avoiding probate court and the possibility of long, drawn out fights, is an incredibly wonderful gift to leave your family.

(4) I Have All the Time in the World to Make a Plan, and I’m Perfectly Healthy

There are few things more important in this life than your mental and physical health. But, we never know what can happen to us and when. We don’t know when an accident, serious illness, or sudden death can impact our lives and our families’ lives.

It is best to plan when you are healthy and aware, long before your health declines and update that plan as your life changes.

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