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Our Estate Planning and Probate  Attorney's Vision

Empowering overwhelmed Oklahomans by protecting their families and assets.

Our lawyers offer:

  1. Connection. Our attorneys genuinely care about you and your family. We want to make your experience carefree and easy.  We meet with you personally to outline and meet your personal goals.  You're not a number.  You're family.
  2. Integrity. Our lawyers don't cut corners.  We won't nickel and dime you. We let you know exactly how much you'll pay. We are honest with you about all legal options and the pros and cons of each. You choose.
  3. Consistency. Our attorneys are lucky enough to have a client family who likes us enough to come back again and again and tell their friends and family about us.  You will get the same service every time you come back.  You will know what to expect when you work with our attorneys.
  4. Results. Our team strives to solve your problems and make you happy! We will do our best to deliver you your best results.

Our lawyers

  • offer you legal services in probate, guardianship, and estate planning.
  • help your families plan for the inevitable and unexpected.
  • navigate the court system on your behalf, easily and quickly, to resolve issues during your loved one’s death or disability– one of the most difficult times in your family’s life.
  • provide specific plans to make sure your children are safe if anything happens to you
  • prepares documents that meet all your specific needs and goals
  • We are your champions, your advocates, your lawyers.

Our Estate Planning and Probate Attorney's Story

Hi, I'm Sarah.

As a single, working mother of two young boys and a business owner, I understand the fear of the unknown and the need to protect your loved ones and your future.

I used to worry all the time about what would happen to my children if I weren't around to care for them.

One day, I even thought, what happens if I don't make it home tonight? As an Estate Planning attorney, I instinctively knew the answer. If I didn't make it home, my boys would go into Department of Human Services custody until they could find a family member or foster home to care for them, unless I had the right documents and plan in place.

At that moment, I created the plan I use with my families to protect their children. This plan gives the proper authority and guidance to the right people so that my children will not end up in custody if something happens to me. Not even for a minute.

I'll always worry about my children, if I'm raising them right, if they're learning what they need. But now, I don't worry about what will happen to them if I don't make it home tonight. That's one less major thing off my list!

I formed Solid Serenity Legal Solutions to provide deeper, stronger, lasting relationships with you, my client family.  That’s what we call you here, family.
I see my position not just as a one-time attorney to help you draft some documents.

I am here to guide you throughout the changes and milestones in your life. I am here to help you make the right decisions and complete your plan in the way that makes the most sense to your family.
Many of you come to us for more than one case. I have several client family members who have used us for probates and estate planning for themselves and referred us to their family members and friends.

There is no greater compliment than knowing that the people you care for appreciate you and trust you enough to help the ones they love.

And that’s what we do here. Help you take care of your family and your loved ones.

So, how can we help you help you today?


Meet the Team

Connection. Integrity. Consistency. Results.  Our legal team strives to be your reliable source for calm in your storms.


Sarah C. Stewart


Estate Planning and Probate

Attorney Sarah C. Stewart focuses her estate planning practice on helping families understand and plan for their specific goals throughout their lifetimes.

Whether your family is blended, single-parent, life-partner, or traditional, Sarah’s knowledge and expertise allows her to help you navigate the confusing financial and estate planning landscape to ensure your family is protected and cared for when you cannot care for them yourself.

She has helped families protect their vulnerable loved ones, leave plans for their estates after their deaths, and grieve the deaths of their loved ones exclusively for nearly a decade.

Prior to law school, Sarah attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma and Putnam City High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She is truly “made in Oklahoma” and is uniquely qualified to understand the needs and challenges of Oklahoma families.

Sarah practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Redline Academy in Edmond, Oklahoma with her limited free time.

She comes from a family with a public service background, and believes strongly in fighting for the rights of every family, of every income level, in Oklahoma.

The apples of her eye are her two young, energetic, sons and two mostly well-behaved dogs.


Sarah and her Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu coach at Redline
Sarah and her Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu coach at Redline

Donna Willhite

Reception Edmond Office

Donna keeps the Edmond office running smoothly!  She is our resident Office Goddess (feel free to call her that!).

She enjoys traveling to the beach and hanging out with her friends. She has one son and two grandsons and a little dog named Bentley.