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Don’s father was always the patriarch of his family. He is strong, outgoing, intelligent, a true model for all the men in Don’s family. But lately, Dad just hasn’t been the same. He has been wandering away from home and getting lost. He is sending a large amount of his money to Nairobian Princes. He’s even losing some of the twinkle in his eye. Don knew he had to do something to help protect his father. He reached out to us.

We helped him take the legal steps necessary to help his Dad. Now, Don is able to protect his father and ensure his money is used for himself in his twilight years, and not dwindled away to scam artists!

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"I met Sarah through another firm she worked for. They closed and Sarah moved on.  I personally looked for her because her knowledge and work ethic are great. Continue the great work you do. It has been a stress reliever for me and my family."

-Linda H., Probate, Guardianship, and Estate Planning

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