4 Eerie Effects of Evading Estate Planning

4 Eerie Effects of Evading Estate Planning

By Solid Serenity Legal Solutions

Fall brings crisp mornings, pleasant evenings, and much-needed time with our families. But, despite all the beauty of Fall, it brings out the ghosts and goblins as well. We’ll tell you how to avoid this year’s ghosts and ghouls when it comes to making the right plans for your family.

Here are 4 eerie effects of evading estate planning that we can help you avoid.

(1) Losing Control of Who Gets What

If you don’t make a plan for your assets, the government will step in and decide who gets what for you. In Oklahoma, there are state laws that govern who gets what assets when someone passes away. Chances are good these laws don’t give your assets to the same people you would if you had made a plan.

Exercise your right to decide who gets your assets when and how. Make your plan by booking an appointment with us today.

(2) Failing to Reaching Your Goals

Estate planning is about more than planning for your death. Estate planning includes making a plan for what will happen to you when you can’t make decisions for yourself.

Planning can also include protecting your assets from unwanted creditors or litigants, avoiding probate, or making sure heirs with special needs or other special conditions receive assets in the right way at the right time.

Estate planning is entirely about you and your family. Planning helps you make sure you do what you want with your hard earned money and assets both while your alive and afterwards.

(3) Causing Your Family Stress

When you fail to plan, you fail the ones you love the most. If you haven’t had the displeasure of going through the probate or guardianship process, you have no real grasp on how time-consuming and stressful those processes can be for your family.

If you have a family who doesn’t get along, your failure to plan will make things even worse. Spouses, siblings, and other family members can be caught up for years in litigation if you don’t step in now to make the process after your incapacity or death as easy as possible for them.

Trust us, we’ve seen it firsthand.

(4) Losing Money

People often believe the myth that estate planning is expensive. Though it might cost you more than you would like at the outset, planning actually saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Going to court to litigate Guardianship or medical decisions when you’re unable to make decisions for yourself, or for probate after your death are expensive processes. The court costs associated with these actions far outweigh the costs to you to make your plan today.

Making your own plan now allows you to map out your goals for your legacy and decide who gets what, when, and how. Moreover, planning saves you and your loved ones money, and truly nurtures and protects your family.

Let us make you the hero for your family. Call us today to get started!