Did you hear the story about Johnnie Comelately? Surely, you have. Or, someone like him. You see, Johnnie died young. He left behind a wife and two children. Johnnie and his family lived comfortably, with a nice home and all the amenities that come with it.

But, unfortunately, they did not plan for their deaths. They always thought they had time, you know? But, then, one day, they didn’t. Vickie Comelately was sad, grief-stricken, and depressed. She soon realized that she would not be able to support her family’s lifestyle without Johnnie’s income. What’s more, Johnnie’s daughter, Jodie was from a previous relationship. Since Johnnie and Vickie didn’t make plans for their family if something were to happen to them, half of Johnnie’s assets went to Jodie. Jodie is a minor. She is now in the care of her mother. As Jodie’s Guardian, Jodie’s mother received the inheritance on her behalf.

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